“A lucky child”

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Prof. Dr. Thomas Buergenthal
Auschwitz-survivor, judge and human rights lawyer

Prof. Dr. Thomas Buergenthal in an interview with Dr. Irmtrud Wojak
Washington D.C., USA, 31. October 2017

“A lucky child” is the title of the autobiography of the US-American lawyer Thomas Buergenthal. The term “lucky child” sounds paradoxical in this context. Thomas Buergenthal survived the cruel world of the ghettos and the Auschwitz camp as a child. As a teenager he got to know the world of the Wirtschaftswunder (economic miracle) and the denied history in the Federal Republic of Germany. As a student he discovered the USA on his own, where he became one of the most respected lawyers. In an interview, the lawyer explains how, despite all the suffering, he draws conclusions about what humanity and human dignity mean. He became an internationally highly recognized advocate for human rights. More soon…

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