The purpose of the non-profit BUXUS STIFTUNG GmbH is the promotion of science and research, as well as education and learning.

The non-profit society researches and promotes the prerequisites for social coexistence based on independence, courage and human rights-oriented action.

Why the name BUXUS

The name BUXUS is no coincidence. It was the result of a conversation about the resilience of plants and extreme environmental conditions during a visit to the Loire. The conversation mentioned the endangered box tree (Buxus), which is made of hard, valuable wood. The common box tree (buxus sempervirens) in our regions is a resistant and, almost euphemistically, tolerant plant. In China, the buxus is a symbol of long life.

But like all plants, this tree can only survive under conditions that are conducive to it. Symbolically, this fits in well with the approach of the BUXUS projects, that we humans, as much as we care about our own growth and individual development, are dependent on each other. Human survival is impossible in the long run without mutual support.


Our statutes

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