"These wars also seem to have dealt the deathblow to colonialism and imperialism in its colonial form, under which weaker peoples were treated as property to be economically exploited. At least we hope that this colonialism is on the way out."

Emily Greene Balch

* 8. January 1867 in Boston, USA
† 9. January 1961 in Cambridge, USA
Nationality at birth: USA
Nationality at death: USA
Country of struggle for human rights: United States of America
Area Type From To Location
Profession, Activities Wellesley College, Referentin für Wirtschaftswissenschaften 1896 1913 Wellesley, Mass., USA
Profession, Activities Wellesley College, Professorin für Politische Ökonomie, Politik- und Sozialwissenschaften 1913 1917 Wellesley, Mass., USA
Training Studium u. a. bei Georg Simmel 1896 1896 Berlin
School Bryn Mawr College, Studium der griechischen und römischen Literatur 1886 1889 Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
Training Sorbonne, Studium der Volkswirtschaft 1890 1891 Paris, Frankreich
Training Harvard University, Ethik 1893 1894 Cambridge, Mass., USA
Training Chicago University, Soziologie und Volkswirtschaft 1895 1896 Chicago, USA

Settlement-Bewegung, Gründung eines Settlement-Haus in Boston Eintrittsjahr:

Location: Boston
Reason for entry:
Function / Activity:

Magistrat der Sadt Boston

Location: Boston
Reason for entry:
Function / Activity:

Staatskommission für Einwanderung

Location: Boston
Reason for entry:
Function / Activity:

Komitee für Stadtplanung

Location: Boston
Reason for entry:
Function / Activity:

Internationale Frauenliga für Frieden und Freiheit

Location: Genf
Reason for entry:
Function / Activity:

When did the story become known?


Where did the story become known?


Prizes, Awards

Friedensnobelpreis 1946

Literature (literature, films, websites etc.)

Lambert, Tara S. Emily Greene Balch Crusader for Peace and Justice. Huntington, WV: Marshall University Libraries, 2002.

Randall, Mercedes M. Improper Bostonian: Emily Greene Balch, Nobel Peace Laureate, 1946. New York: Twayne Publishers, 1964.

Schraff, Anne E. Women of Peace: Nobel Peace Prize Winners. Collective biographies. Hillside, N.J.: Enslow Publishers, 1994.

Sicherman, Barbara, and Carol Hurd Green. Notable American Women: The Modern Period: a Biographical Dictionary. Cambridge, Mass: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1980.

Own works

Emily Greene Balch, Public Assistance of the Poor in France, Vol. 8, Nos. 4 & 5, Publications of the American Economic Association.

Emily Greene Balch, “A Study of Conditions of City Life: with Special Reference to Boston, A Bibliography”, 1903, 13 pages.

Emily Greene Balch, Our Slavic Fellow Citizens. 1910, 536 pages.

Women at the Hague: the International Congress of Women and its Results. Ed. by Jane Addams, Emily Greene Balch, and Alice Hamilton. 171 pages, New York: MacMillan, 1915.

Emily Greene Balch and Pauline Knickerbocker Angell, Approaches to the Great Settlement, 351 pages, published 1918.

  • Personality
  • Family environment
  • Religious attitude
  • International Law
  • Education

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