"Before you can vow to remember something, you must first know it."

Michael Gruenbaum

"Because, it's true, all this really happened."

Todd Hasak-Lowy
* 1920 in Prague


Dr. Karl Gruenbaum

† 1939 Theresienstadt

Margarete Gruenbaum


Thelma Gruenbaum


David Gruenbaum


Peter Gruenbaum


Leon Gruenbaum

Country of struggle for human rights: Czech Republic
Place of the fight for human rights: Prague; Theresienstadt concentration camp
Area Type From To Location
School Fachhochschule
School University
School Highschool 1950 1952
Profession, Activities Civil Ingenieur
Profession, Activities Bauingenieur
Profession, Activities Bauunternehmer

How did the story become known?

Durch das gemeinsam mit Todd Hasan-Lowy verfasste Buch “Somewhere there is still a sun”, New York: Aladdin, 2015.

When did the story become known?


Where did the story become known?

USA, New York, Boston 2015; Deutschland 2017

By whom did the story become known?

Michael Gruenbaum und Todd Hasak-Lowy

Literature (literature, films, websites etc.)

Gruenbaum, T. (2004). Nešarim: Child Survivors of Terezín. Ilford: Vallentine Mitchel & Co Ltd, 2004.

  • Personality
  • Family environment
  • Solidarity
Human dignity
Right to life, freedom and security
Prohibition of torture or cruel, inhuman treatment
Freedom of religion
Right to truth

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