Fritz Bauer Blog Podcast

Our Podcast “In the Struggle for Human Rights”

The lawyer Fritz Bauer (1903-1968), a survivor of the Nazi regime, brought Auschwitz, the crimes of Nazi medicine and Nazi justice to the court. The search for the law shaped his life. In Germany he was the voice of survivors after the Holocaust.

We share Fritz Bauer’s critical attitude towards power politics and ideologies, his fight for fairer living conditions for all people regardless of their origin, religion, skin colour or nationality.

The Fritz Bauer Blog is politically independent. In the search for the law, we do not limit ourselves to the past or the present. We understand democracy to mean that people must defend themselves when injustice is done to them and provide emergency aid when human dignity is violated – be it their own or that of others.

Our subject is history and our commitment is to human rights.

(Podcast in German and English language)