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Refugee camp Moria burned down last night


The completely overcrowded refugee camp Moria on the Greek island of Lesbos burned down last night, it was destroyed in large parts by numerous fires, which were additionally fanned by wind. Many of the refugees were able to escape the fire, but are now homeless, a few remained in the camp. The conditions in the camps in Greece are catastrophic, but the people are left alone by the European Union and are ultimately treated like playthings.

The people have no food, no place to sleep, no sanitary facilities. As in camp Moria, the Covid 19 virus is spreading in other camps as well, because under these circumstances no one can protect others or oneself.

Only the day before yesterday, 13,000 chairs were set up in front of the Bundestag by the Seebrücke initiative together with other organizations to draw attention to the highly dangerous situation in the camps. The camps must be evacuated and people must be helped. The future history of the European Union, now with the German presidency, will be measured by how it deals with these desperate people in need. The camp, which has been overcrowded for years and in which almost 13,000 people were living in catastrophic conditions at the time of the fire, has been set up for 2,800 people. Should the cause of the fires really be arson, who can be seriously surprised? The Moria camp was quarantined because of Covid-19 and everyone had to fear that they would not be able to leave it alive. Whoever denies people the chance to survive should reckon with the fact that they are looking for ways out – they have to seek!

Over 170 cities and communities in Germany have declared themselves a SAFE PORT in recent years and are ready to receive and protect people. How is it possible that the Ministry of the Interior can simply ignore and block this willingness? Municipalities that have opened their doors to the fugitives must defend themselves against this so that they can file their asylum applications.

The editorial staff of FRITZ BAUER BLOG, along with many other organizations, supports the demand to finally help the refugees, to evacuate the camps and to end the blockade.

Dr. Irmtrud Wojak
Contact: info@fritz-bauer-blog.de

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