Fritz Bauer Library

Stories of resistance and survival in the struggle of human rights

The Fritz Bauer Library is an internet project with a specially developed database and at the same time a book series in the BUXUS EDITION. It documents the stories of people who have shown particular courage and independence, even in extreme situations. With its books and its interactive website, the library is intended to help ensure that the story of the struggle for human rights is not forgotten and that its courageous protagonists live on.

To live, to fight and to be ourselves Dezember 2021
Gabriela Brimmer und Elena Poniatowska
Amineh—“No Bigger Than a Kalashnikov”. A Peshmerga in Parliament December 2021
Amineh Kakabaveh and Johan Ohlson

Fritz Bauer

Life, work and impact of the lawyer and compaigner for human rights

The BUXUS STIFTUNG considers it one of its tasks to ensure that the legacy of the lawyer Dr. Fritz Bauer remains alive and continues to be in vibrant effect. For several years now, the BUXUS EDITION has been publishing the comprehensive and acknowledged biography of Fritz Bauer, which was first published in 2008 and has been supplemented several times since then, as well as being provided with a new current introduction in 2019. The biography, written by the historian Irmtrud Wojak, triggered a wave of new interest in the lawyer, which continues to this day. The BUXUS EDITION also publishes books and ebooks about the life and work of the lawyer.

Literature and Human Rights

The Buxus Stiftung & Berg Institute Library

Joy of law, access to knowledge and artistic creativity

Raphael Lemkin, Fritz Bauer, Benjamin Ferencz, Aryeh Neier and Antonio Cassese – they all stand for a chapter in the history of human rights. Through their often self-sacrificing resistance to violations of human dignity and their courage in investigating and punishing human rights violations, they made an invaluable contribution in the pursuit of justice. A search that is ultimately shared by all human beings.

Their stories, the issues and their commitment are models for what, after Auschwitz and the Holocaust, is the duty of all of us: to say “No” when injustice occurs and human dignity is violated.

The books of the library “Literature and Human Rights” are challenging reading for all who want to be more courageous “In the struggle for human rights” (Fritz Bauer).

Without Request. Autobiography 2020
Raphael Lemkin
Defending my enemy 2021
Aryeh Neier
The Trial Against the Emperor 2021
William A. Schabas
The Prosecutor and the Judge 2021
Heikelina V. Stuart und Marlise Simons

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