The Story of Hussein Husseini – One Who Survived
A Film by Jakob Gatzka


MY WAY tells the story of Hussein. After an attack by the Taliban, his family flees Afghanistan to Iran. But in Ghom there is no savety and security for them. His father disappears without a trace and his mother makes her most difficult decision: Hussein sets off. What begins as an adventure becomes a long, dangerous journey from East to West, through Turkey, across the Mediterranean to Greece. Often lonely, always on the run, Hussein survives the underworld of Athens and finds his way to Germany. Will he ever see his mother again?


How it began

Jakob Gatzka met Hussein in autumn 2012 when his family took him and five other boys from Afghanistan with them. “It was immediately clear to me that the escape issue would continue to engage me for some time. I wanted to find out everything that had led to the escape and what had happened. For some years I gave Hussein lessons in German and confidence developed. So far that he took me to Iran in 2015 and introduced me to his mother who lived there. At the time, I had already begun to translate his story into a film that will also be released as a book.”


Learn more about the film

Hussein Husseini is a member of the Hazara ethnic group. As a child he had to flee Afghanistan and came to Iran. As a teenager he had to leave Iran and came to Germany.

With Hussein and his camera the author and film director Jakob Gatzka travelled to Iran and got to know the stations of his former life and his dramatic escape: through Iran and Turkey across the sea to Greece and to the capital Athens, finally across the Balkans, until Hussein was picked up in the train near Traunstein…

On the way, the two spoke with companions and smugglers. And they observed how Hussein integrated himself into Germany and found a second home. One fear, however, remains: Will Hussein also lose this, his third “home”?

The film was made between 2015 and 2018. Today, Hussein lives near Dachau and, after successfully completing his “Quali”, is training as a nursing assistant. He has a German residence permit and an Afghan passport. In two years, after successfully completing his integration course, he will receive a German passport.

Most of the film was made privately, with financial contributions from individuals and with the support of the non-profit BUXUS STIFTUNG GmbH. The video equipment rental Nürnberg (Karl Wittmann) helped with the creation.

Jakob Gatzka

Jakob Gatzka studied German language and philosophy, he was a guest student at the Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film in Munich, worked for director Dominik Graf and an agency, and he was a television author (SOKO Wismar, ZDF).


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