Unlimited Hope

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Memories in Times of Escape

By Alvaro Solar
With Illustrations by Cristina Collao


“Unlimited hope. Memories in Times of Escape” captures the often so confused and adverse life stories of refugees; personal stories from their countries of origin, about childhood and family, work and life, their experiences of escape and about all the difficulties of gaining a foothold here in Germany, becoming involved and being respected. But also stories about longings, wishes and goals in life – with all their contradictions and doubts. Told by the Chilean-German theatre director and actor Alvaro Solar in a loving, respectful and also humorous way and supplemented with imaginative illustrations by the Chilean artist Cristina Collao.

“There is much and often and very controversial talk about migrants and fugitives – but far too little we talk to them. Far too rarely do we read authentic stories about their fates in their countries of origin and on the run, about their situation and hardships here in this country, about their hopes and goals in life. In the socio-cultural project “Bremen Culture without Borders”, on which the present book is based, this shortcoming is counteracted with the means of biographical theatre: Here the participants can open up a little, here the repressed timidly comes to light, here those affected from different countries – Africa, Albania, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Serbia, Turkey, etc. – finally get a chance to speak for themselves. A sometimes quite difficult process, in which some get lost and find themselves again, in which others free themselves from fears, strengthen and emancipate themselves and give free rein to their formerly suppressed fantasies. (…)

From the prologue by Rolf Gössner (International League for Human Rights), which can be read in full here. The text was published on 16 May 2020 under the title “Memories in Times of Flight” in the bi-weekly Journal for Politics/Culture/Economy Ossietzky, No. 10/2020 www.ossietzky.net.

A excerpt from the book (in German) including an illustration can be found here.


Virtual book premiere via livestream from the Villa Ichon, Bremen

UNLIMITED HOPE – Memories in Times of Escape
Thursday, 28 May 2020, 19.30 hrs

After an introduction by Dr. Rolf Gössner, author Alvaro Solar and artist Cristina Collao will present the book via Facebook, talk about it and show illustrations.

Reading + music.

Host: Theater Aber Andersrum and Alvaro Solar – Teatro Solar

The event is here…


The book is published by Hirnkost KG
, Lahnstr. 25, 12055 Berlin
Review copies or pdf file via: prverlag@hirnkost.de ; Internet: www.hirnkost.de

Book order in bookshops or online:

New publications spring 2020: https://shop.hirnkost.de/neuerscheinungen/

Direct link to the book: https://shop.hirnkost.de/produkt/grenzenlose-hoffnung-erinnerungen-in-zeiten-der-flucht/

See also under: www.alvarosolar.de

print 978-3-948675-09-7
epub 978-3-948675-10-3
pdf 978-3-948675-11-0

Contact (also due to live broadcast of the book presentation on 28 May 2020 via Facebook):

Alvaro Solar: email@alvarosolar.de / Rolf Gössner: rolf-goessner@ilmr.de

www.theateraberandersrum.de / www.alvarosolar.de

Header: Faye Cornish

Zitat: "Grenzenlose Hoffnung"

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