What we do

The Fritz Bauer Forum (Center for Human Rights) is a research and educational forum committed to human rights, democracy and open dialogue.

We preserve the legacy of the life and the work of the lawyer and Auschwitz prosecutor Dr. Fritz Bauer. Our aim is to continue in his sense the “struggle for human rights”.

With our interactive Fritz Bauer Library we document and communicate stories of survival and resistance. Stories of people who survived genocide, war, and social injustice and nevertheless do not allow to be labelled as victims.

We want a society in which people are able to fight for their democratic rights and defend human dignity – their own and that of the “others”. A society in which people are able to confront nationalist and racist forces with a resounding “No!” and to resist attacks on democracy and human rights.

With the Fritz Bauer Forum we want to be an international forum where the fate of the survivors and their relatives is not only scientifically researched but also recounted artistically and emotionally.

URL: https://www.fritz-bauer-forum.de/en/about-us/what-we-do/