Fritz Bauer Forum

We explore the narratives of human survival. The resistance that Fritz Bauer called “the cost of our compassion, fighting and, as history has all too often shown, falling for a humane world.” The Forum, with its library, is a place for all those who daily confront stories of survival and remind us of human rights. Their voices too often remain unheard and their stories untold. This is what we want to change.


Topping out ceremony at the Fritz Bauer Forum

The last big step before the opening of the Fritz Bauer Forum next year

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Sharpening the profile

The FRITZ BAUER FORUM is getting its own logo for the new year and we are happy about its increasingly clear profile

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In|Outlook 09/2023

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News from the Fritz Bauer Forum | March 2023

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NRW Foundation supports new Fritz Bauer Forum

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Spreading the stories of resistance

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We research, record, and tell stories of resistance and survival around the world.

Irmtrud Wojak, Fritz Bauer 1903-1968. The prosecutor who found Eichmann and put Auschwitz on trial

The founder of the Fritz Bauer Forum, Irmtrud Wojak, has dedicated a large part of her research to the jurist and human rights campaigner Fritz Bauer and has finally written his biography. You can purchase this biography online.

Fritz Bauer 1903-1968.  The prosecutor who found Eichmann and put Auschwitz on trial, 2018, 596 pp.

ISBN 978-3981761412

Dorothy James, Full of Hunger and Full of Bread. The World of Jura Soyfer 1912-1939

Fritz Bauer Library, Vol. 1

164 pp., Hardcover

ISBN 978-3-9817614-9-8

Amineh Kakabaveh and Johan Ohlson, "Amineh - No bigger than a Kalashnikov"

A Peshmerga in Parliament.

Fritz Bauer Library, Vol. 2.

286 pp., Hardcover

ISBN 978-3-949379-03-1

Bettina Mikhail, Rosa Parks: Eine Frau mit Mut

Rosa Parks sparked the Montgomery bus strike and stood at the beginning of the black civil rights movement.

In easy (German) language

80 pp., 18 fig., Paperback and Audio book

ISBN 978-3981761429

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