Buxus Foundation

Why the name BUXUS


The name BUXUS was the result of a conversation about the resilience of plants and extreme environmental conditions during a visit to the Loire. The conversation mentioned the endangered box tree (Buxus), which is made of hard, valuable wood. The common box tree (buxus sempervirens) in our regions is a resistant and, almost euphemistically, tolerant plant. In China, the buxus is a symbol of long life.

But like all plants, this tree can only survive under conditions that are conducive to it. Symbolically, this fits in well with the approach of the BUXUS projects, that we humans, as much as we care about our own growth and individual development, are dependent on each other. Human survival is impossible in the long run without mutual support.

Statutes of the BUXUS STIFTUNG


People of all cultures

… have been fascinated by the box tree (BUXUS) because of its constant growth. No matter how people try to shape it, its delicate branches and permanently green leaves continue to grow. Its longevity and powers of resistance are impressive. But the box tree can also wither when it is no longer watered. Nature and people depend on one another. That is our destiny. The BUXUS STIFTUNG transfers this image from nature to the groundbreaking destinies of people in the 20th and 21stcentury.

The object of the company

(1) The BUXUS STIFTUNG exclusively and directly pursues objects of public benefit in accordance with the provisions of “tax privileged purposes“ in the German Fiscal Code. The aim of the company is to promote science and research, knowledge and education.

(2) The company researches and promotes the preconditions for social coexistence based on independence and civil courage. It is all about encouraging a self-confident and conscious understanding of history, humanity and contemporary life. This can best be achieved by collecting “role model stories” and biographies of courageous persons, i.e. mediating people’s exemplary activities and behaviour.

History is not just about portraying the past and the variety of human options. Writing history is much more about making large and small decisions; in the past, the present and the future. Do I look life in the face or do I look away? Do I swim with the tide, or do I make my own decisions?

In our actions we need “water to grow” – in other words, help and understanding. This is why the foundation is deliberately networking and promoting resource-oriented projects in the area of education and the arts.

The long-living resistant box tree – in Latin, BUXUS – points towards the significance of resource orientation and sustainability as the foundation for a more just and dignified society.

The foundation’s work is particularly concerned with initiatives with a high level of independence like, for example, workshops for independent research, design and utilisation for promoting academically historical, media and artistic activities. It is equally concerned with projects that contribute to enlivening public spaces and to activating political participation that foster a just balance of interests.

The methodological approach behind the BUXUS STIFTUNG is single-mindedly oriented towards resources. In particular it promotes:

• innovative workshops and exhibitions,
• new forms of participation that contribute to promoting positive humane potentials, appropriating them and spreading them to others,
• mediating and networking persons active in civil society and politics who are working towards preserving a humane legal system and the inviolability of human dignity,
• processes that help to develop a creative and socially active community.

(3) The foundation’s aims will be realised by:
• (3.1) scientific research and accompanying scientific research projects,
• (3.2) developing, promoting and disseminating tales of exemplary human activities (“role model stories” and “biographies”),
• (3.3) education and further training, and
• (3.4) press and public relations work.

3.2. and 3.3. will be realised by:
• presenting history workshops,
• presenting educational media workshops – seminars and talks,
• presenting artistic workshops.

Extract from the certificate, 21st October 2013



PD Dr. Irmtrud Wojak
Murnauer Straße 2
82438 Eschenlohe

Fone   0049 . (0)175 . 3616013
Mail     info@buxus-stiftung.de


URL: https://www.fritz-bauer-forum.de/en/about-us/statutes/

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