About the archive of the Fritz Bauer Forum

The archive of the Fritz Bauer Forum was founded in 2020. As part of the research, publication and exhibition activities of the Fritz Bauer Forum, various sources such as files, gray literature, leaflets, magazines, posters, photos and audiovisual media on contemporary history, in particular on the life story of Fritz Bauer, who gave its name, on Nazi injustice and on fight against impunity, the history of resistance and survival, and the culture of remembrance collected worldwide.

Furthermore, a large part of the collection consists of the “Political Archive Bochum”, a newspaper and magazine archive that was taken over in April 2022, beginning in the 1960s. Anti-racism, sub-culture, critical theories, the labor movement, ecology and internationalism are the main themes. Over time, the archive will be supplemented with new materials on the resistance as a history of the struggle for human rights. We are grateful for inquiries and references to collections.

The project is work in progress and digital finding aids will be made available on the Fritz Bauer Forum website over the next few years. From 2024, the Fritz Bauer Archive will have a storeroom and workspaces in the reading rooms of the forum and in the library. The archive will not be open to users until 2025.

address and contact

Archiv des Fritz Bauer Forum
Feldmark 107, 44803 Bochum
Phone: +49 – 02 327 – 549 67 37


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