Director & Founder


PD Dr. Irmtrud Wojak


Irmtrud Wojak heads the Fritz Bauer Forum and is continuously developing it into a well-networked center for democracy and human rights that is involved in current discourses. She is involved in all decisive processes for the strategic, organizational and content-related further development of the Fritz Bauer Forum. Her focus is on interdisciplinary, multidirectional and inclusive remembrance work and the empowerment of people who are committed to their rights and to our democracy.




Research Fellows


Tobias Fetzer (M.A.)

Social media and public relations

Tobias Fetzer is responsible for the Fritz Bauer Forum’s press and public relations work. He also manages our social media channels, designs flyers and posters and ensures that the Fritz Bauer Forum has a consistent digital image. He also looks after the building services on a day-to-day basis and at events.

Mail: | Phone: +49 (0) 1575 3192127



Magdalena Köhler (M.A.)

Events and interactive Fritz Bauer Library

Magdalena Köhler coordinates the Fritz Bauer Forum’s event program. From conception and planning to implementation, she ensures the smooth running of various event formats with numerous cooperation partners on site and online. She also manages the interactive Fritz Bauer Library.

Mail: | Phone: +49 (0) 1573 2562392



Jennifer Haas (M.A.)

Library and archive

Jennifer Haas is responsible for the library and archive of the Fritz Bauer Forum. Her tasks range from the structural conception of the library and archive and their implementation to the maintenance of our research databases. She also coordinates our volunteers.

Mail: | Phone: +49 (0) 1573 2562413






Dorothee Schäfer

Artistic accompaniment and consultant

Dorothee Schäfer accompanies the Fritz Bauer Forum with her artistic work and makes her network of various regional and international artists available. The sculptor currently has her studio on the Forum’s premises and is involved in the artistic design, including the garden. She also advises the Fritz Bauer Forum on the implementation of events with artists and exhibitions.




Jakob Gatzka (MAG.)

Director of the film award and consultant

Jakob Gatzka is responsible for the filming of interviews. He also advises the Fritz Bauer Forum on technical and technical issues relating to film. He is also the director of the Fritz Bauer & Raphael Lemkin Human Rights Film Prize. In this function, he is also director of the Fritz Bauer Forum’s Unlimited Hope film festival.




Reinhold Spratte (MAG.)

Book cover design and consultant

estaltung der Buchcover und Berater

Reinhold Spratte designs various book covers for the Fritz Bauer Forum’s book series, which are published by BUXUS EDITION. He succeeds in creating a unique work of art for each book, which is not only beautiful to look at, but also has a direct connection to the respective stories. Reinhold Spratte also advises the Fritz Bauer Forum on content and design issues.






Our volunteer supporters are an important addition to our team. They are the driving force behind the development of the Fritz Bauer Library, especially in Jennifer Haas’ area of work. They also advise the Fritz Bauer Forum with their diverse knowledge of research, business and teaching.



Former employees


Dr. Stefan Schuster was a research associate at the Fritz Bauer Forum until 2021. In this function, he not only implemented the first events of the Fritz Bauer Forum together with PD Dr. Irmtrud Wojak, but also developed a pedagogical guiding principle that continues to have an impact on our work today. He also wrote various texts for the Fritz Bauer Forum website.






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