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Your donation in the struggle for human rights

With its projects, the BUXUS STIFTUNG is committed to the protection and implementation of human rights. Therefore we support projects that empower and encourage people to fight for their rights and the rights of others. The BUXUS STIFTUNG gmbH is a non-profit society. Donations for the projcts of the BUXUS STIFTUNG can be claimed for tax purposes.

Bank details
Sparkasse Oberland
IBAN DE16 7035 1030 0032 2488 66

F.A.Q. – Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I donate to the charitable BUXUS STIFTUNG GmbH?

Formally, all people have the same rights. In order to assert them, however, many people worldwide need expert legal assistance and public support. With your donation for projects of the BUXUS STIFTUNG, you are helping to keep the life and work of the lawyer and Auschwitz prosecutor Dr. Fritz Bauer alive.

– You support human rights fighters and their relatives in their right to truth and information.
– You promote the recognition of the right and the duty to resist when human dignity is violated.
– You contribute to a renewed culture of remembrance, which strengthens action oriented towards human rights.


Can I claim my donation for tax purposes?

Yes, the BUXUS STIFTUNG is a non-profit society with limited liability. Donations can be claimed for tax purposes in their entirety. All donations benefit the selected project 100 percent and without administrative costs.

By becoming a member of the Friends of the non-profit BUXUS STIFTUNG society, you have the additional option of deciding which Fritz Bauer project your donation should regularly benefit – let us know what you are interested in. Here, too, your donation will benefit the selected project 100 percent.


Will I receive a donation receipt for my support?

Yes, for every donation a confirmation of donation will be issued for the tax office. Your donation is tax deductible.


Are donations possible over a longer period of time?

Yes, donations can be made once, monthly or quarterly. Please use the donation page or the opportunity to become a member of our circle of friends of BUXUS. Of course, your permanent donations can be resigned at any time.


Who can I contact if I have any questions?

Please contact the managing director of the BUXUS STIFTUNG, Dr. Irmtrud Wojak. She will be happy to answer any questions you may have about donations and projects: irmtrud.wojak@buxus-stiftung.de

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