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Quick info

Here you will find information about the Fritz Bauer Forum.



The Fritz Bauer Forum was founded in 2019 by the historian and Fritz Bauer biographer Dr. Irmtrud Wojak initiated it so that Fritz Bauer’s legal and political commitment remained alive. The Bochum Forum is the first in Germany where the life and work of the lawyer and social democratic resistance fighter, who survived concentration camp imprisonment and returned to Germany from exile in 1949, is presented as a current task.

The choice of Bochum as the location for the forum is due to the fascinating site that the city was able to offer the BUXUS FOUNDATION in the form of a long-term lease. The forum is located on the site of the listed former “Mourning Hall Havkenscheid” (built in 1972) in Bochum, which was converted into the Fritz Bauer Library by 2023. Another role was played by the fact that Irmtrud Wojak, who was born in Bochum, was the founder and for many years chairwoman of the “Remember for the Future” association, which invited Holocaust survivors to visit Bochum from the 1990s onwards.

The sponsor of the Fritz Bauer Forum is the non-profit BUXUS STIFTUNG GmbH, which was founded in 2013 by Irmtrud Wojak and which also owns the publishing house BUXUS EDITION, in which the forum’s writings are published.

Our Goals

The Fritz Bauer Forum is an international place for scientific research, education, art and dialogue with a focus on human rights, democracy, protest and resistance. The aim is to promote human rights-oriented action and to uncover and eliminate structures of social injustice. The Fritz Bauer Forum sees itself as a link between science, social movements and political decision-makers. Fritz Bauer doesn’t just play the role of the namesake. His life’s work serves as an analytical and practical guide in dealing with human rights and human rights violations.

Unsere Ansatzpunkte sind

– to strengthen the rights of victims and survivors of state injustice,

– to research and pass on the history of resistance “In the Struggle for Human Rights” (F. Bauer),

– support the fight against impunity for human rights violations and

– amplify the voices of human rights activists worldwide.

As of: July 2023

Contact: Tobias Fetzer, MA (Press and Public Relations), email: tobias.fetzer@buxus-stiftung.de

URL: https://www.fritz-bauer-forum.de/en/press/quick-info/

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